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Frequently Asked Question

How do I redeem my Lionshare Certificate?

Simply take your certificate to any nationwide grocery chain retailer of your choice and pick out the item that is represented on your certificate. For example, if you have received a Lionshare Turkey Certificate for ten dollars towards the purchase of a turkey, you may redeem the certificate towards any turkey products within the store. At check-out, present your Lionshare Certificate to the cashier, and anything under the certificate amount excluding tax will be free and anything over the amount will be paid by the purchaser after the amount of the certificate has been applied to the total of the qualifying products.

Where do I redeem my Lionshare Certificate?

You may redeem Lionshare Certificates at any nationwide grocery store chain in the United States. You may also redeem your Lionshare Certificate at any liquor outlet that will accept Lionshare Certificates. Membership clubs such as Costco or Sam's Club may not accept Lionshare Certificates.

Where Can I purchase Lionshare Certificates?

Right here! Our online store offers various Lionshare Certificates available for your needs and the needs of your business. You may also call us from 8 am to 4:30 pm PST at 888-722-6960.

How do Lionshare Certificates Work?

Lionshare Certificates are like coupons for ten dollars towards the purchase of turkey, ham, steak, chocolates, etc. Give the Lionshare Certificate to the cashier at any nationwide grocery store chain to redeem. Yes, it's that simple!
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